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Presented by Damara Woodring, Founder & Creator the True Power Series

True Power is YOU! It's all about YOU, from the inside out. This is both a guided and Home-study series that allows us the time and space to truly focus on our inner journey. We all have goals and aspirations- we want that dream job/position, we want true love and romance, we want that new house, car, luxury item. We want more money, more notoriety. More than anything, we want to experience TRUE happiness, stability, healing, TRUE POWER.


The list of things we want and desire in our lives could go on and on. What they all have in common, is You and your perception, which shapes the way you operate in this world. All of these outwardly things we desire to have or cultivate in our own lives are an extension of who we are and who we believe we are! Read more below!

What is the True Power Series?


TRUE POWER SERIES is a series of manuals created for everyone seeking to learn, explore, and understand more about themselves on a deeper and more intentional level. It is a 6 month-long immersive Guided and Home- Study Course that focuses on personal and spiritual growth and development.

This series contains 4 manuals, all tied a connected to one another.  For the first portion of this journey, we will be focusing on manual No. 1

-True Power - The Art of Intentional Living

-H[earth] & Ho[me] -Room to Room

-H[earth] & Ho[me] -Nature & Nourish

-Big Mama's Cupboard 

Course Start Date: August 8th, 2022



If you are participating in the Home-Study course, you will have the luxury of moving at your own pace, on your own time. You will also be able to schedule yourself a 1 on 1 consultation with me, if you ever need a little bit of extra guidance or assistance. If you are participating in the Guided Course, you will be meeting with myself and other beautiful individuals who are participating in this course once a week at a predesignated time. I encourage all to join the Guided Course because there's nothing like a good support system. Here we are able to share are stories and struggles and journeys together, in a safe and judgment free environment. Being around others on a similar path can open up so many more avenues of learning and growth, whatever option you choose, you are sure to find your TRUE POWER!

Each Manual contains powerful information for your enrichment, as well as a series of activities, rituals and exercises, that immerse us in all the senses, so that we have a multi-sensory, multi-dimensional experience, ensuring that we can all learn and participate, whether visual, oral or hands-on learners.

Guided Course Participants will enjoy:

  • Opening, Initiation & Accountability Ceremony 

  • Virtual Weekly Meeting/Group Sharing Circle  

  • Monthly Pre-Recorded Audio and Visual Meditation 

  • Monthly Group Intuitive Readings and Energy Clearing Session

  • Unlimited assistance via email/video chat for duration of course

  • Completion Ceremony


This is a donation-based course, (parameters provided below). In order to complete this course, you are required to purchase the manual. Follow this link to make your purchase------>  


Everything about this series is a learning tool, from the moment you become interested, all through sign up, participation and completion. Every aspect of it is meant to teach you about yourself and how you perceive your place in this world. What is valuable to you? What do you consider to be wealth or luxury? It differs for everyone. I am operating off of a value system of my own, as a result of my own journey through the True Power series, on several occasions!

There are so many ways we can work together in this world. Everything doesn't always have to be about "money"! Yes, we get it, we do require money for many things, but what if we changed the way we viewed how we see value? I know what I have to offer is worthy of a nice price tag, this course could easily be priced at $1,000 or more. I believe in it that much! What I offer can add value to anything that you are creating, and the goods, skills and abilities that you offer in return help support the work I am doing on a greater scale. Sure, I could have you "pay" me and just be done with it, OR, we can come together and collaborate, and share the wealth of knowledge we have with one another, creating a greater sense of community, unity and growth among each of us.


If you find that you do not offer these services, or that you would still prefer to make a monetary donation, you are able to do so by clicking or scanning the link below. You are also able to make donations at any time before, during and after the course!




Below is a list of Goods and Services I am currently seeking and accepting at the moment. To purchase your manuals, click the following link! TruePowerManual




These are the current services I am seeking. Participants should be passionate about their craft, and also carry a great deal of respect for what they have to offer. Upon registration, you will be given a written legal binding and agreement, that promises your delivery of your provided Service. 

- Animators -who are skilled at anime-styled creations, 3d animation, and other forms of animation.


- Videographers - Skilled in music video production, short films and documentary style shooting 


-Womb Healers -Skilled and experienced in womb /feminine care and wellness, trauma healing 

-Martial Artists- Skilled and experienced in any form of Martial Arts,

Herbalists-Skilled in Wildcraft + Foraging, Mushroom Education,

Poisonous Plant Education

If you fit the description and feel that you would love to offer your skills, hit that link in the center of the page and sign up now!!


Please click or scan the link below to choose the goods I am currently seeking at this time. A required minimum of 3 items is necessary to complete registration. You can choose any 3 items that you desire from the list provided. You are welcome to choose more than 3 items if you feel moved to do so. All donations are extremely appreciated and welcomed!

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