Intuitive Art. Self-Love. Awakening.




 I am Damara Woodring, The Portrait Priestess. Here you will find works of art that are centered around ancestral connection, education, Self-love and empowerment.


Each work of art is divinely inspired by my own personal experiences and perceptions, my ancestors and the collective mind. 




Born out of my own personal journey to love + empower myself,
I began taking images that reflected things I felt in my blood, my dreams, aspirations and desires, my waking thoughts. I took images that represented my pains, demons, my fears, and this art gave a face & voice to all that I was feeling. To me, these are more than portraits and works of art, they are ancient rituals reshaping themselves through the whole creative process.

 I seek to connect + reconnect our hearts, bodies + minds back to spirit, back to nature, back to the wisdoms of our mothers and fathers before us. To assist in healing the deep wounds of the womb & the heart, which shape the way we think, love, live & move.  

I also believe that myself and people that look like me, deserve to see images that represent them, their own desires and goals, that represent luxury and growth without struggle or turmoil. Little brown skinned girls & boys of all hues to deserve to see women and men from their culture depicted in beautiful, powerful and spiritual ways.

We deserve to see our traditions passed on and taught about, by US, for US, so that when our descendants look back 10, 25, 100 even thousands of years from now, they will be proud, they will  be able to say " I know who I am, where I come from." They will not be ashamed or afraid to shine, to smile, to BE.



I take self portraits to give voice to my thoughts and emotions.
To give completion to my ancestors known and unknown.
To heal my blood and cleanse my heart. 
I create art.


I create to re-connect us to our roots.
Things thought lost or stolen really live inside our hearts.
I create to art to draw context to what was hidden in the dark.
Extracting visions from DNA, I capture through my lens.
I create art to captivate and ignite from deep within.


I create to see my growth, our growth as a whole.
To see our pains and struggles turn into hope.
To see our hopes turn into truths.
I create art for me, for you.


I create to celebrate the beauty,

the ugly, the joy, the pain.
I create to celebrate all the things

that we lose and gain.
I create to celebrate what we all have

the potential to become.
I create to celebrate our hearts

truly being one.

I create to liberate my inhibitions and desires.
I create to spark the passion of sensual fire.
I create this art to liberate the womb, 
to heal our mothers wounds.
To learn, to teach, attune.


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